Health Benefits of Floatation Therapy 

Imagine yourself being suspended in a tank of magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt. It is quiet, dark and the temperature of the water matches with the temperature of your body so that you will feel like you’re floating in mid-air. 

Floatation Therapy

Isn’t it relaxing? Floating in this tank is really calming and relaxing however, this kind of therapy gives you more than just a simple relaxation.   

The following are some of the additional health benefits of float therapy: 

Magnesium sulfate is actually a mineral which almost everyone is deficient in. Your body absorbs these minerals and your magnesium and sulfate levels in your body also increases when you float in the floatation tank. In addition to that, this enhances the body’s natural body to heal as well as helps to calm the nervous system. 

The state of deep relaxation when floating helps to decrease stress by reducing cortisol levels. Endorphins are released and blood flow is stimulated. Endorphins are basically chemicals in the brain which trigger positive feelings and reduce feelings of pain as well. As a matter of fact, research studies have shown that float therapy can even help relieve depression. The endorphins that are released during a float stays beyond the floating session.  

The extreme buoyancy which people experience during the floatation therapy is actually like experiencing anti-gravity. Furthermore, this allows people with muscle or joint pain much-needed relief which they can’t get otherwise. 

Benefits of Float Therapy 

Women carrying a baby in their womb can also benefit from float therapy in so many ways. Floating alleviates pressure from back and feet and gives an escape from the extra strain and weight from carrying a child. Floating can also help pregnant women make a symbiotic sense of interaction and connection with their children. Some ladies see similarities between the womb and floating – which deepens their relationship to their babies. Mothers-to-be should be cleared first by their trusted doctor prior to participating in a float therapy. 

The combination of water temperature, weightlessness, increased levels of endorphins and blood flow provides relief from migraines or severe headaches. If severe headaches are caused by the restriction of blood flow to the brain, the improved blood circulation experienced during the floatation therapy may relieve symptoms of a migraine and potentially even prevent it from starting. 

Floating can also enhance athletic performance by decreasing recovery time between extremely intense activities. This helps athletic individuals train their bodies faster as well as condition it even harder. Float therapy is often suggested by professional trainers and used by some serious athletes. 

Float therapy has been believed to improve performance in general. Some research studies show improvement in human performance such as instrument flight performance, piano performance and scientific creativity. Click the link to find the best float therapy near me. 

Tank floatation therapy is proven to:  

  1. Decrease chronic fatigue caused by jet lag and insomnia
  2. Stimulate creativity
  3. Relieve depression, stress and anxiety
  4. Deepen meditation practices
  5. Accelerate learning and mental clarity
  6. Strengthen the immune system
  7. Accelerate healing
  8. Improve athletic performance